Welcome to TaggMii

Development on TaggMii started in 2009 and initially started as a blog aggregation tool which helped promote your content through the use of our site and our social networking channels. TaggMii as it is branded today provide live and detailed statistics for each blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts that publish content. We were the first of all the blog aggregators in South Africa to introduce real time aggregation. TaggMii was recently transformed into what it is today, which is an Influencer Publishing Platform to bridge the gap between brands and social platforms by allowing brands to publish sponsored content to the South African digital community.

Who is TaggMii?

Our company mission is to bring innovation to both bloggers and brands of South Africa.
We promise to bring you world-class support and service.

What we love

Keeping our clients happy 100
Innovation 90
Giving back to the community 85
Change 80