When there is a new campaign that has relevance to the category your blog is in, an opportunity will become available. You will then have the option to either accept or ignore the opportunity once reviewing the details.

Should you choose to accept the opportunity, the advertiser will receive a notification and it will be up to them to choose whether or not you will be included in the campaign. Once they have decided, you will receive an email notification.

The fee is calculated internally based on a few metrics, with each having an importance factor associated to it. The following metrics are looked at:

Relevance 90
Estimated Reach 95

Estimated reach is based on “direct traffic”. Direct traffic is the amount of users that type the blog’s URL address directly into their browser’s address bar. These visitors generally land on the home page which is where the sponsored post will appear.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Simply put, myScoop allows brands to leverage existing blogs and their traffic to promote their products, services or brand message. In order for this to happen, bloggers need to be compensated for allowing brands the use of their blogs. We use our internal system to match brands with various bloggers according to relevance and requirements.

myScoop Campaign Flowchart