How to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

While an increased online presence opens your brand up to more leads, it also fully exposes the feedback your B2B company receives. While regular complaints are important to deal with, complaints on social media can be extremely damaging […]


Sometimes it seems like social media is only good for brand blunders. Take brands whose social media strategies consist of communicating with millennials in incoherent emoji sequences, or brands that deal with crises with embarrassing tweetstorms, or brands whose […]

The 4 most common questions about Twitter hashtags answered

Have you ever wondered what the impact of Twitter hashtags are on your tweets and why they even exist?

The success of the hashtag (#) feature that has defined Twitter, has been proven from its first day and has […]

Why brands should leverage blogs to extend their marketing reach

There is a unique community that possesses the edge over typical marketing strategists’ best paid work. This community uses a honey-tongued approach and their ability to spread mass appeal to niche audiences, puppeteering their friends, followers, and circles […]

Why Brands Need Bloggers

Traditional marketing experts may still be grumbling about how “everything’s gone digital” – shame. Perhaps it’s time to realise that the enormous billboard your company paid a fair whack for is being ignored by your target audience, who […]