The following is a list of items that must be completed in order for your sponsored post payment to be released:

Before the sponsored post goes live:

  • “Sponsored post” must appear in your article or the title of the article. Please review this article for clarification.
  • All links pointing to the advertiser’s website must have “rel=nofollow” attached to them as per Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We recommend using this plugin to make this process easier.
  • Ensure that ALL requests made in the sponsored post brief is adhered to. i.e. Please follow the brief 100%. Any deviations should be discussed before the post goes live.
  • Ensure that all link to the advertiser’s website contains the relevant tracking information as stipulated in the campaign brief.
  • Ensure that the campaign tracking code is placed before the start of the content as stipulated in the campaign brief.


Once the sponsored post is live:

  • Once the sponsored post is live, the post cannot be deleted within 6 month’s from it being posted.
  • The post must remain on your home page for 7 days. We recommend using the WP-Sticky plugin for this.
  • The content of the post cannot be modified or deleted unless authorised and agreed upon in writing by the advertiser or myScoop.