Have you ever wondered what the impact of Twitter hashtags are on your tweets and why they even exist?


The success of the hashtag (#) feature that has defined Twitter, has been proven from its first day and has been so succesfull in fact that it has been implemented in other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google+, although it is most powerful when used with Twitter content. We find out why by addressing 4 of the most common questions asked with regards to this:

1. What are hashtags?

Hashtags assign a category to keywords or topics in tweets or content descriptions, which makes it easier to label or classify Twitter content or posts. Therefore, all tweets containing a certain hashtag (e.g #SouthAfrica) will be displayed when searching for or assigning this trending topic.

2. Why do we use hashtags?

To monitor or review events or topics as they happen or have been shared that are relevant to you, hashtags can be used to observe all content submitted under this topic. The reach of your tweets and expanding the boost on your engagement with your desired audience can also be greatly affected by using hashtags in your posts or content. It is also believed that when using one or more hashtags in a tweet, the chances of your post being retweeted or shared is increased by at least 55%.


Research has also shown that tweets with hashtags reaches or engages double as much users or members than tweets or content without hashtags.

3. What is the correct number of hashtags to use?

The research into this subject has shown that using less hashtags in a tweet tends to improve the engagement of your audience rather than to use too many and #DeflectTheirAttentionLikeThis.


In fact here’s how it feels like when you’re using #WayTooManyHashtags:

4. What are the relevant hashtags to use in my tweet?

The content or message of your tweet, as well as the image that your brand represents, will determine what the best relevant hashtags are. Other infleuncers or content related to your field are also a good source of research as to which hashtags have the best reach and efficiency on a relevant subject or topic. Tools like RiteTag are also great ways of evaluating which hashtags are mostly used by other influencers trying to reach a specific audience and improve the success your tweets have in reaching and appealing to them.