Traditional marketing experts may still be grumbling about how “everything’s gone digital” – shame. Perhaps it’s time to realise that the enormous billboard your company paid a fair whack for is being ignored by your target audience, who have their heads bowed to the gods of the mobile device while passing by your brilliant and invisible ad campaign.

So what’s the solution?

Ultimately, as a marketer, business owner, or business development person, you’ll need to make direct contact with your brand-spanking-new online audience. Don’t have one? Then you’ll need to build your online audience – make people interested in your brand, in what you have to say and share; get them to follow you and be ready to buy into or share your content.

If it sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is.

So why spend your time on audience-building when there are others out there who have not only got interested, hungry audiences simply itching for their unique content, but also have ready-made platforms to grow those audiences exponentially?

So who are these “others”? Drum-roll and curtain-lift…


What bloggers have that you don’t have:

An attentive audience
Signed-up, ready-and-listening audience members who have invested their time and signed over their email addresses constitute the kind of target audience interest you can only dream of. Instead of starting from scratch and competing with a skilled blogger for their audience’s attention, just borrow their audience and put your content in front of eager eyes.

Content-generation savvy
Bloggers are a community of people known for their ability to write in a persuasive and follow-worthy way. It’s the reason they have followers to begin with – whether for their ability to generate ideas worth following and sharing, or for their writing ability, which keeps hungry content-seekers coming back for more. It’s a learned skill and it takes time to master. If you choose to do it yourself, either you’d better have a very patient potential audience, or be prepared to hear the sounds of crickets on your blog (or other platform) until you can buy an audience or can give away free cars.

Trustworthiness and influence
Building an audience not only requires trust, and the ability to persuade and influence, but also the opportunity to follow through on the promises that stem from trustworthiness and influence. Do you have the know-how or the time? What? It’s not your core business? Well then, you need bloggers.

The digital marketing game has far too many top players, influencers, experts, gurus, mavericks, junkies, ninjas, and quick brown foxes jumping over lazy dogs. Let them be – don’t try to add more cray-cray to the fray. Be an even better expert and use the means that are available to your business end.

Pay a blogger yesterday. Get more leads today.