There is a unique community that possesses the edge over typical marketing strategists’ best paid work. This community uses a honey-tongued approach and their ability to spread mass appeal to niche audiences, puppeteering their friends, followers, and circles into buying into concepts, habits, and products. From recipes to gadgets; perfumes to property; power tools to B2B partners – this community represents the experts in every field. Who are they?


So why should they matter to you and how do they affect your ROI? What do they have that you could turn into revenue? Read on…

Social power
Bloggers with even a modicum of influence or social oomph can shine the spotlight on your brand in a way that would otherwise take a rather large budget for the same effect. They’ve taken the time and used their astute skills to draw their audience to their unique offering (frequent, valuable, and free content), so much so that their audience members have offered up their email addresses in return for it. Interesting, funny, and/or well-positioned bloggers can build massive audiences, and subsequently have their fingers in all the right social pies. For marketers and brand-owners, this is half the work already done.

Selling without the sales-talk
Blog followers radiate loyalty and they stand firm behind their favourite bloggers. If a blogger appeared to benefit from or promote a particular product, their followers would very likely take the hint and buy the product or buy into the idea for the same benefits – not from a commercial point of view, but because of loyalty. It’s the nature of trending and very good for brands that show the blogger the same kind of loyalty.

Niche magic
Bloggers tend to focus on one particular area of information or expertise. Fitness bloggers, for instance, may dispense information and freebees on fitness gear, performance products, and special diets. Mommy bloggers also form an integral part of the baby industry’s best marketing strategies. Tech bloggers, music bloggers, fashion bloggers – all of these niche bloggers have a diverse following that marketers wanting a target audience can only dream of.

Creation genius
Bloggers need to come up with new content all the time – whether it’s telling personal stories to invested followers, or making seemingly mundane topics interesting, bloggers can turn basic information into valuable content.

Leveraging the blogging sphere to extend your brand awareness and marketing reach means partnering with trusted, respected, and popular bloggers – paying for their expertise, online savvy, and talent, and allowing you to engage with their audience.